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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is Persil Service?

    With Persil Service, we offer complete care of all the laundry at your workplace: The employees of participating companies can easily and flexibly drop off and collect their garments at a central Service Point directly at work, freshly laundered and ironed - with perfect cleaning results. Because this is what Persil has been committed to for over 100 years.

  • How can I use Persil Service as an employee?

    As an employee of a participating company, you simply register online at You will then receive your personal Comfort Bag. Drop off your laundry in the Comfort Bag at the Service Point of your company. Services are paid for automatically by direct debit at the end of each month. With your personal customer account at you can print out monthly and annual invoices as well as manage personal information and bank details.

  • How long does it take until I can pick up my cleaned and ironed laundry?

    You can generally pick up your cleaned and ironed clothing from the Service Point two work days later.

  • What should I do if the Comfort Bag is full?

    If the Comfort Bag is completely full, you can also hand in one of your own bags - labelled with your name - at the Service Point.

  • Can I provide special instructions for cleaning?

    Yes, you can, but it is not generally necessary. If you nevertheless wish to provide instructions, you simply need to attach a brief note to your personal Comfort Bag that can be clearly assigned to the item of clothing in question. For instance, you could state where the stain is to be found or what caused it.

  • Does fresh laundry remain clean in the Comfort Bag?

    We pack freshly laundered textiles individually in plastic. We also clean your Comfort Bag if there is any obvious soiling - at no extra cost. This ensures that the freshly cleaned and ironed clothing always remains clean.

  • Where is my laundry cleaned?

    Your laundry is cleaned by licensed textile cleaning companies locally who are professional partners of Persil Service. They are checked by independent assessors in the course of licensing and also at regular intervals during the ongoing partnership. For instance, the criteria include cleaning and ironing quality, adherence to strict legal codes as well as perfect cleanliness and organisation of the business. Naturally, all licensed businesses carry out all wet washing using only Persil products. This ensures that you get the Persil freshness and cleanliness that you are used to. We have the right Persil product for all types of textiles.

  • What does it cost?

    For employees:
    The cost per item of clothing is based on standard market prices. An up-to-date price list can be viewed at any time at the Service Points and with your customer account at Service provision, organisation and transport are provided for an annual fee of 25.00 euros, which very quickly pays for itself thanks to our loyalty bonus of 10% per item of clothing cleaned.

    For companies:
    We set up the service without additional costs, including the stations  that need to be installed for handing in and picking up the laundry in a centrally accessible location made available by the company. Employees who are registered with Persil Service or who are interested in it should also receive additional information via the company’s internal media, e.g. intranet.

  • How are services charged for?

    Cleaning services are charged for through via direct debit from your own account. With your personal customer account you can print out monthly and annual invoices as well as manage personal information and bank details.