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General Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Dry-cleaning

Garments are dry-cleaned appropriately and with care according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

2. Conclusion of a contract

The dry-cleaning contract between the client and the actual dry-cleaning company comes about by leaving the Comfort Bag at the Service Point. Garments may only be left using the personalised Comfort Bag.

3. Defects in the garments delivered for dry-cleaning

The dry-cleaning company is not responsible for damage caused by the quality of the garment to be cleaned and which the dry-cleaning company is unable to detect by means of a simple professional inspection (e.g. damage caused by inadequate strength of the fabric and seams, inadequate fastness of dyes and prints, inadequate fastening of buttons, shrinkage, previous improper treatment, hidden foreign matter and other concealed defects). The same applies to garments that cannot or can only partly be cleaned, unless marked accordingly, or if the dry cleaning company is unable to determine this as a result of a simple professional inspection of the garment.

4. Return of garments

Dry-cleaned garments are returned by leaving them at the respective Service Point. The client must collect the dry-cleaned garment within 3 months after the agreed delivery date. If the garment is not collected within one year after this date, the client will be requested to do so once in writing. The client shall bear the costs
of this request. If the client fails to collect the respective dry-cleaned garment within one month of receiving this written request or the client’s current address is unknown, the dry-cleaning company is entitled to dispose of the garment in line with the law unless the customer contacts the dry-cleaning company prior to such disposal.

5. Defects in the delivered dry-cleaned garments

The client has to prove that the garment was handled by the dry-cleaning company, e.g. by presenting the processing tag. Any obvious defects must be reported within two weeks of collection.

6. Liability limit

Liability on the part of the dry-cleaning company is excluded unless the complaint is made within 14 days of collection. Complaints can no longer be accepted if the garment in question has already been worn again.

The dry-cleaning company is liable without restriction for intent and gross negligence. The dry-cleaning company shall only be liable for simple negligence if essential contractual obligations have been breached. Liability is limited to the contractually typical and foreseeable damage. Liability for indirect and unforeseen damage (concealed defects) is excluded. 

Any further liability is excluded regardless of the legal nature of the asserted claim. The right to compensation includes the replacement value. This is the value of the initial purchase, taking into account a percentage loss of value of the dry-cleaning garment through use and the passage of time.

The client is also obliged to notify the dry-cleaning company without delay if there is a mix-up between the garment to be cleaned and the garment of a third party.